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A fully licensed and insured plumbing company located in Bakersfield, CA. servicing all your gas, water and sewer needs. You can count on us for professional advice, top quality work and comprehensive service. We guarantee the quality of our work 100%, and offer environmentally friendly products and services.

Drain Cleaning Services

We all know that plumbing in any house or dwelling will develop clogs. It happens to everybody. There are minor drain clogs that are inconvenient and major main line stoppages that shut you down from using any of your water services until they are resolved. Either way, if you have a clogged drain we can address it, give us a call. Our plumbing techniques will remove every clog. Remember, if you remove a drain clog after a few attempts on your own, give us a call to help, and we can get it done without permanently damaging your pipes and fixtures. We will cut through the clog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Main line blockages

- Kitchen, Lav & tub drains

- Toilet & laundry drains

- Hydrojetting

- Clean out installations

- Line locating

Hydro-Jet Cleaning

One of the major methods we use when cleaning drains is a procedure called hydro-jetting. The Honest Plumber in Bakersfield has the ability to blow up away accumulated particles and sludge in your pipes, removing even the most stubborn blockages and clogs. If a drain snake is incapable able to remove a drain totally, hydro-jet cleaning might be your best option.

Water Leaks

That little plumbing leak at the hose or from the kitchen sink may seem minor, but it could be a bigger problem than you realize. With escalating water and sewer rates, fixing water leaks saves you money and saves precious water resources from literally going down the drain. Even a very small pinhole sized water leak adds up to thousands of gallons over a short time. Call us right away and if possible shut off the water at that fixture until we can get there to help you avoid further problems or money down the drain.


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All of our plumbing experts strive to provide our customers with dependable, honest, and quality service. The Honest Plumber is here whenever a plumbing problem arises, day or night. When you hire us for plumbing repairs in Bakersfield, we show up on time and provide you with the most superior plumbing services that will restore your plumbing system in no time! We provide reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

Here a few of our many plumbing services:

- Drain cleaning

- Faucet repairs

- Leak Detection

- Bathtubs

- Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

- Garbage disposals

- Water/tankless repair/replacement

- Toilet repair

- Drain cleaning

- Faucet repairs

- Leak Detection

- Bathtubs

- Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

- Garbage disposals

- Water & tankless repair/replacement