The Honest Plumber, your dedicated plumbing companion, consistently delivers exceptional re-piping services in Bakersfield. Allow us to demonstrate why we’re the perfect fit for your re-piping projects. We leave no stone unturned to make your re-piping experience hassle-free and satisfactory.


  • Bakersfield Re-Pipe Excellence: Are you facing the headaches of old, corroded pipes or the never-ending leaks and low water pressure they bring? Our Bakersfield re-piping services are the solution you need. We understand that your plumbing system is the lifeblood of your home, and outdated pipes can wreak havoc on your comfort and budget.


  • Quality Re-Piping Materials: Our commitment to excellence means we only use the finest re-piping materials available. The longevity and efficiency of your new pipes is our top priorities. With The Honest Plumber, you can trust that every component we install is of the highest quality, ensuring years of trouble-free plumbing.


  • Re-Piping Specialists: Our team of re-piping specialists is second to none. With years of experience and dedication to precision, they’ll transform your outdated plumbing system into a reliable and efficient network. Say goodbye to leaks, rusty water, and frequent repairs; it’s time for a plumbing upgrade that truly lasts.


How we do it?

Our experts thoroughly assess your plumbing system to identify areas in need of re-piping. We provide clear recommendations and, upon your approval, execute the project with professionalism and efficiency. Rigorous quality checks ensure leak-free plumbing, and we follow up to ensure everything works flawlessly, prioritizing your satisfaction.

  • Reliable Plumbing: Ensure a dependable and leak-free plumbing system.
  • Better Water Pressure: Improve the flow and pressure of your water.
  • Modernization: Upgrade outdated plumbing for better performance.
  • Reduced Repairs: Minimize frequent repairs and water damage.
  • Safer Water: Eliminate the risk of rusty or contaminated water.
  • Extended Lifespan: Enjoy long-lasting, trouble-free pipes.


Even though you never see them, the pipes that are hidden away within your walls are an important part of your daily living. These plumbing pipes are critical to the delivery of water throughout your home, to both fixtures and appliances. Most likely you never give them much thought, that is, until there is a problem. If a pipe bursts, or is blocked, or there is a pesky leak within your walls, or needs repair for some other reason, then you begin to think about having a Bakersfield re-pipe. If the problem is extreme, you may need the services provided by a re-piping specialist. If this sounds like a big job to you, you are correct. If you find that your residential plumbing system Bakersfield needs to have the pipes replaced completely, or in part, you will need the services of a skilled re-piping specialist. The Honest Plumber in Bakersfield, California has the professionals you need for the job. In the Bakersfield area, we have many years of re-piping experience.


Considerations of Repiping

Just because your pipes are inside your walls and out of sight, you may still see indications that your pipes may need to be replaced; you should always look for these conditions. If you notice that there has recently been a sudden drop in water pressure, or your washing machine is filling slowly, this may be an indication that your pipes have degraded. Another sign is water that is discolored or contains small red flakes, or if you notice a bitter taste; these signs are even more obvious and easily observed. These signs indicate corrosion and are unhealthy for your family.

When you think about your pipes, you also need to consider their age. If you have moved into an older home, it is possible that you have inherited iron pipes, especially if you’re not aware of when they were put in. Any of the above signs are reasons to consider having a consultation regarding possibly re-piping. If you have moved into a home and you are aware that the pipes are lead, you must immediately get them replaced. Pipes made of lead are a health hazard to your entire family. Any pipes that are corroding can cause a health hazard.


Repiping Materials

Now that you have decided that it’s time to have your home re-piped, taking a better look at the available materials for your pipes is essential. In the past, the standard for pipes was iron. However, it is now recommended that pipes should be made from copper. Copper corrodes more slowly than iron and this gives it a greater lifespan; this means fewer problems in the future. By consulting with a contractor at the very beginning of your re-piping project, you will be able to choose the proper material for your home.


Repiping Specialists

You may find that although not all pipes in your home need to be replaced, that there are many circumstances that make re-piping the entire system more beneficial. Of course re-piping your whole home at the same time is always an option, but by doing your re-piping project in this manner your entire home will be without water while the project is going on, until it’s completion. Some homeowners choose to have their home re-piped in sections. They may start re-piping in the kitchen, move on to the bathrooms, and continue in this way in stages. This method of re-piping takes a little longer but there is always water available in your home, so the disruption to your household is limited.

The specialists at The Honest Plumber in Bakersfield are here to help you make the best decision for you and your family. They will help you proceed with your re-piping project in the best possible way. Once the correct plan of action has been decided on, we will replace, as necessary, all the pipes and get the water supply to you and your family back up as soon as possible. If the decision has already been made regarding the re-piping of your home, or if you have suspicions that there could be a problem and need some advice, give us a call; it would be our pleasure to discuss your options.

I’ve used Honest Pluming numerous times among several plumbers throughout the years. They have been very professional and always given honest estimates with no hidden fees or deception. Lately, I have worked with Kyle mainly and he has been very knowledgeable and skillful. He had worked on various projects and completed successfully. I have peace in mind when they finished the repair as I haven’t had any issues after they repaired.

Kara. T (Bakersfield, California)